The Prenatal and Young Families Centre in Vaudreuil-Soulanges is a welcoming and caring environment that accompanies and equips people who wish to be parents, parents and children by offering them a variety of resources, services and activities in order to grow better together.

It adapts and intensifies its service offer for families living in a vulnerable context by offering free individual support and group activities planned according to their needs.


Is a recognized resource that allows each individual, each child and each parent to benefit from a warm and human support and accompaniment in order to fully realize their potential.


Warm Welcome

The first meeting is decisive because it is at this moment that the first contact is made. We look at the parent or child as unique, we learn about their needs by taking time to listen to them and accompany them in their choices. Welcoming implies vigilance and sensitivity towards others. Parents need to know that we understand what they are going through.

Social Justice

The organization values a welcoming and inclusive approach for all equally.


Families live in an environment that meets their diverse needs. We offer local services, infrastructures, resources and activities that have an impact on the development of families. The family is a privileged place for the development of the child; in fact, the privileged place to ensure the best development of the child is and remains the family.

Mutual Aid

The activities of our organization promote mutual aid through the sharing of experiences, support and listening between parents and caregivers. Beautiful friendships between parents are created and this contributes to enriching the exchanges between them. For staff members and volunteers, mutual aid means helping each other and feeling that we belong to a team working towards the same common goal. For our team, mutual aid has become our priority.


Respect is defined as a feeling of consideration and regard for oneself and for another person. Respect is demonstrated by our attitude, by our language and by the acceptance of differences. The contact with our families puts us in a constant situation of respect that leaves the parent with the value of being a parent.


We consider all parents as equal. Parents receive the same attention, the same sensitivity, regardless of their ethnic origin, social status and culture. This means having access to different services and activities.


cpjf is a member of few organizations

  • Association québécoise pour la santé mentale du nourrisson
  • Association pour la Sécurité des Enfants Passagers du Canada
  • Association internationale en massage pour bébé
  • Chambre de commerce de Vaudreuil-Soulanges
  • Comité langage
  • Comité en santé mentale
  • Comité des frigos communautaires
  • Comité en réussite éducative et sociale
  • Comité de coordination de Péri-Ressources
  • Comité du continuum de services en petite enfance
  • Comité régional en immigration de Vaudreuil-Soulanges
  • Comité de première transition animé par le Centre de Services Scolaires des Trois-Lacs
  • Corporation de Développement Communautaire de Vaudreuil-Soulanges
  • Fondation OLO
  • Institut National du Portage des Enfants
  • Institut de Transport Sécuritaire du Québec
  • Intergénération Québec
  • Pôle d’économie sociale du Haut St-Laurent
  • Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la Paternité
  • Table de concertation Petite Enfance de Vaudreuil-Soulanges
  • Table de la politique de développement social et durable


Éloise Pilon

Assistant Educator

Neuroscience student

Her curiosity and energy make her a creative and passionate person to delight toddlers and parents alike. She invests herself in projects to offer a range of colorful activities for families! You’ll be greeted with a warm smile when you visit the Centre Prénatal et Jeunes Familles!

Lili-Rose Lemay

Assistant Educator

Helping toddlers develop is one of Lili-Rose’s great passions. Her dynamism and perseverance enable her to create meaningful bonds with them, offering quality time in a playful environment. After high school, she hopes to study in a field that will enable her to work with toddlers.

Catherine Lemay

Assistant educator

As soon as the children arrive, they are greeted with a smile and a boundless energy, which creates a reassuring relationship of trust between them. She is a very creative person with a great attention to detail and it is a pleasure for the eyes to see the works and crafts she prepares for the activities to be done with the family.

Arianne Cote

Specialized educator

Her gentleness and humanity are two qualities that make her a reassuring person for toddlers and parents. She has a thirst for learning and is always on the lookout for ways to improve her skills in order to better equip young children in their development.

Stephanie Caron

Birth Companion, Perinatal Worker, and Yoga Teacher

Her vast experience and passion for the development of toddlers allows each child to develop to their full potential. Stephanie accompanies pregnant women and their spouses in one of the most important moments of their lives. She is passionate about people and welcomes expectant parents and families in a caring manner.

Carolann Trahan

Perinatal Worker

Carolann has a rich experience in perinatal care where she has developed her expertise in teaching new parents and in baby care. With her caring attitude, her listening skills and her empathy, she is a ray of sunshine for families.

Juliette Veldhuis-Heyat

Contractual for brand image and communication manager

By her expertise and creativity, she is an essential collaborator in the organization's brand image. Her good humor and her little jokes make it possible to spend wonderful moments in her company.

Chantal Darcy

Perinatal Worker, Birth Companion, and Community Agent

Her sense of family and her boundless energy guide her interventions with families. Creative by nature, she does not shy away from any challenge, which makes her a warm and caring listener.

Hélène Langevin

Perinatal Worker, early childhood educator and baby massage and babywearing trainer

Her creativity and boundless energy delight the young and old alike, whom she meets during coffee meetings and workshops. She invests in projects with a sparkle in her eyes

Nancy Pelletier

Executive Director

Recognized for her positive leadership and great human qualities, Nancy manages the Centre with great professionalism. With a wealth of experience as a manager, she transmits her passion for the cause thanks to her values of listening, integrity and empathy.

Elodie Dupré

Perinatal worker

Elodie is a perinatal worker and workshop leader for prenatal classes, Tandem and Des Moments si attachants, to name a few. She is the mother of three children aged 7, 9 and 11. Formerly a perinatal nurse, she chose to retrain to better meet the needs of families and support them in their parenthood, taking the necessary time to do so. She is passionate about the world of childbirth.

The Board
of Directors

Catherine holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. She is the mother of 2 children and brings her expertise in management and administration.
Photo Jonathan_administrateur
Jonathan Alexandre is the father of two little boys. He holds a DEC in architectural technology from the CEGEP of Trois-Rivières, a bachelor's degree in management from the University of Montreal and an AEC in beekeeping business from the College of Alma. As a permanent foster parent in the youth protection service, his main activity is superintendent of operations at Canada Post since 2009. Qualified to bring his expertise in planning, continuous improvement, and project management. He brings his experience and vision in personnel management and customer relations.
Audrey Poitras, secretaire du CA
Audrey holds a bachelor's degree and a graduate diploma in preschool and elementary education from the Université de Sherbrooke. She is the mother of 2 daughters and brings a wealth of expertise in child education.
Mali Leclerc-Vance
Mali is a tax lawyer and vice-president of a family business in the healthcare sector. She is the mother of one child, with a second on the way. She brings her legal and tax expertise to the board.
Martin graduated from HEC Montréal with a bachelor's degree in international business. He works with wine and spirits producers around the world to market their products in Canada. He is the father of 2 young children. Access to all and the importance of reaching isolated people is one of the main reasons for his commitment to the center.
Chanele Parent
Chanèle has over 10 years' experience in several fields, including renewable energies and consulting as a financial analyst for major corporations. She is the new mother of a baby girl and discovered the prenatal center in early 2023. She hopes to instill in her daughter the causes she's passionate about, including volunteering, ESG and female ambition. With a bachelor's degree in finance with a minor in environment, she brings her expertise in administration and customer relations.
Sarah is a former entrepreneur in the aquatic industry and currently works in retail. She is the new mother of a baby girl. It was her pregnancy that introduced her to the services of the Centre Prénatal et Jeunes Familles. She brings her knowledge of entrepreneurship and personnel management.