We offer a variety of services that begin at conception and extend until the child reaches the age of 5. We are committed to improving our services to better meet your needs. If you do not find the service that is right for you, please contact us so that we can propose a solution adapted to your needs.

Les relevailles

This is a home visit service aimed at supporting and assisting parents with a baby under 12 months of age. This service offers a moment of respite and rest, as well as support in the new role of parent and in the reorganization of a routine. In addition, we take advantage of this moment to inform new parents of the resources available to them on the territory.

  • The service is open to all parents with a baby under 12 months of age
  • The presence of the accompanist is for 3 hours, and the number and frequency of meetings are determined according to the specific needs of the parents and their baby.
  • Registration is required
  • Free and continuous service

Birth Companion

The birth coach helps expectant parents (and current parents with growing families) navigate the sometimes somewhat stressful process of pregnancy and the birth of a baby.

She offers :

  • Phone or email support
  • Prenatal and postnatal meetings
  • A home recovery service
  • Support throughout the pregnancy to delivery process. 
  • There is a fee for this component.

For whom?

  • For future parents

  • Includes a fee for certain follow-up services

Skin-to-skin contact instructor and babywearing

After birth, skin-to-skin contact is a special moment for baby and parents. This contact has a number of benefits for newborns, whether premature or full-term. Skin-to-skin contact enables the baby to make a smooth transition from the womb to the outside world. Skin-to-skin contact is so important to a baby's development, helping to develop the immune system, promote weight gain and bonding, and increase the production of breast milk . The warmth and security of skin-to-skin contact can also soothe an uncomfortable baby. As a result, the baby can sleep more peacefully.

Babywearing is the practice of carrying your baby in an upright position against you, using a baby carrier or sling. Babywearing enables parents to maintain physical contact with their child in a simple, comfortable way, while keeping their hands free.

Babywearing offers many advantages for both the baby being carried and the person carrying him/her, provided certain safety rules are observed.

The babywearing instructor is available to accompany and guide you through the various skin-to-skin and babywearing techniques and methods. She offers a personalized meeting tailored to your needs.

This service is free !

Family and Community Accompanist

Personalized accompaniment and support with future parents and parents experiencing various issues. Meetings can be held at home, by Zoom or at our organization's offices. We adapt to your needs!

In addition, the counsellor offers a telephone support service for future parents and families with children aged 0 to 5 years.

Free service


Given the current situation of the pandemic, the Prenatal and Young Families Centre does not offer face-to-face conferences. We invite you to follow our Facebook and Instagram page to learn about the different virtual conferences available to you!

Training Offered

In order to give you access to a wide range of knowledge on subjects that affect pregnancy and early childhood, we rent our premises to various organizations that offer a range of relevant training.

Breast Pump Rental

If you have tried the breast pump provided by the hospital during your stay, you will be on familiar ground, as the majority of large hospitals use the same model. Ameda’s Elite Pro model is very versatile and can accommodate all bodies and breastfeeds.

The domes come in a variety of sizes to ensure your comfort and the effectiveness of the machine. Be sure to measure your areolas to purchase the right sized dome.

Since you set the pump intensity and cycle speed with great precision, you can use this breast pump to stimulate and start a milk supply, as well as to pump more gently on engorged breasts without increasing production.

With the rental of the electric breast pump, you receive the link to the private video with the installation and use instructions, available in French and English.

You will need to purchase the sterile parts (Hygienikit Ameda) from us, which will be in direct contact with your skin and the milk. You will also receive instructions on how to sterilize the material for personal use.

The Prenatal Centre meets various eligibility criteria for free electric breast pump rentals, as well as for the donation of a starter bottle set. Please ask our staff if you are eligible.


  • Double bottle set #200H05: $35 each 
  • 2 week minimum rental: $35 
  • One month rental: $65 
  • Deposit of $40, refunded when the breast pump is returned in good condition.

Book Lending Service

To relax and stay well-informed, we offer the free loan service of books from our library.

Various documents touching on different themes, such as pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, child development, etc.

  • Rental period: 3 weeks
  • Free service

The rental of our office space is a source of funding for the Centre and allows us to offer free services in warm premises that are well adapted to the needs of our clientele.

Room Rental

Rental of the multifunctional room in our Vaudreuil-Dorion facility

Rent our multifunctional room for your event:

  • Conference
  • Training
  • Corporate


  • Capacity of 20 to 25 people
  • Adjacent bathroom
  • Possible access to a microwave and refrigerator
  • Available in the evening and on weekends

Office Rental

Office rental in our Vaudreuil-Dorion facility

Office space rental for professionals who work with families

What we offer :

  • Possibility of renting an office space starting from one day per week
  • Possibility of renting a shared office with another professional
  • Waiting room and reception desk
  • Wifi
  • Competitive pricing