Expecting Baby Animated by a Birth Companion

This series of thematic workshops offers support to expectant parents during the prenatal and postnatal period. The activities offered promote the overall health of the parents-to-be so that the birth of your child is a positive and balanced experience.

Pregnancy is an exceptionally rich period of emotions: baby is here, taking its place more and more at every moment. Questions, fears, euphoria, curiosity are all feelings that can be experienced during this period, often even during the same day! Many changes take place in the pregnant woman's body, in the couple and also in the family during pregnancy. It is therefore important to be surrounded by people who listen to her needs. By building on the commonalities between parents, we create a respectful space that values each experience and supports learning.

We will address different themes related to the arrival of a child. Osteopath, physiotherapist, birth coach and other specialists will join the facilitator and the group to answer questions.

  • Workshops are for expectant parents
  • Series of 4 workshops of 2 hours each
  • Registration is required
  • Free

To feel good during pregnancy, to prepare physically and mentally for the birth of the baby and to promote a smooth adaptation to the new family life..

By focusing on sharing among parents, we create a respectful space that values exchanges and offers learning around experiences of other participants, in addition to accompanying and intervening preventively with families in vulnerable situations.

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