PAPActives and co-parenting

PAPActives and co-parenting is a project with 3 sections

Section 1: Birth and parenthood preparation meetings (prenatal meetings)

The first section consists of offering preparation meetings for birth and parenthood that are better adapted to the needs of fathers so that they feel involved from the beginning of the pregnancy. Part of the meetings will be reserved for fathers only in order to exchange opinions without constraints between the fathers and the facilitator. The objective of these workshops is to prepare mentally and physically for the birth of the baby and to facilitate a smooth adaptation to the new family life.

  • The workshops are intended for future parents
  • A 5-hour meeting, always held on the weekend.
  • Registration is required
  • Free of charge

Section 2: PAPActives!

The 2nd section consists of going to meet fathers and offering them a place or discovering a nature park for them and their children to develop and strengthen the bond of attachment while having fun and exchanging with other fathers on various subjects that concern them. The activities are based on the animation of free and directed activities and techniques such as babywearing and massage of the child in order to develop his complicity with his child, to realize the importance of his role in the development of his child and that includes exchanges between fathers and telephone contacts.

  • Activities for fathers
  • Various activities throughout the year
  • Free of charge

Section 3: Co-parenting and paternal involvement, not rocket science!
The last section is a series of 7 workshops related to co-parenting and paternal involvement so that each partner can be accompanied and listened to, in order to feel supported in each of their roles and responsibilities and that together, they can form a team for the well-being of the couple, the new parents and the child. Becoming a parent also requires learning to work as a team with the other parent for the good of the child. Whether it is about sharing tasks, how to educate the children, managing the family budget or the place of extended family and friends in the family's daily life, for example, parents will have to learn to find common ground that will be satisfactory to both parties.
  • Workshops for future parents
  • Series of 7 workshops, each meeting lasting 2 hours
  • Registration required
  • Free of charge

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