Hooked on School Days (HSD) is an invitation to all actors in society to be part of the commitment movement to promote school perseverance and educational success.


"It is easier to move forward and persevere, through the pitfalls and challenges, when you have a dream to achieve. When we have found a meaning to our journey, when we feel worthy of our dream.

Especially this past year, children, teenagers and young adults continued to believe that their dreams were still attainable, thanks in part to the adults around them. Thanks to those who never stopped believing in their potential. Thanks to those who accompanied and encouraged them, who allowed them to find meaning in their path, even when everything around them was uncertain.

To all those who support young people in their journey towards their dreams, thank you for being carriers of meaning for them. Carriers towards their stars.”

We invite you to follow the link https://jembarque.ca/fr/ to see the activities and all the material available to you to be a Carrier of Meaning!