Mommy, Daddy, I’m going to Kindergarten

A series of preparatory workshops aimed at facilitating the transition to kindergarten for both the child and the parent. The meetings promote the overall development of the children, in addition to encouraging the creation of bonds between parents, at a time when everyone is getting ready to experience an important moment - their child's entry into school!

Main Workshop Themes:

  • A day in kindergarten
  • Helping my child
  • Learning while having fun
  • Getting my child to love school in kindergarten
  • Positive reinforcement and managing emotions
  • The role of the parent and the benefits of parental involvement
  • Reading and language development
  • Life routines and nutrition
  • Learning through play as a learning strategy
  • Children’s independence and motor skills
  • Children’s and parents’ fears
  • Visiting the school before the start of the school year
  • Activity is for children ages 3 to 5 and their parents
  • Series of 10 workshops with each meeting lasting 90 minutes
  • Registration is required
  • Free

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